How To Join

In order to join The DC Anime Club, you must:
--fill out the registration form
--sign and mail the form to:

DC Anime Club
3013 O St SE
Washington, DC 20020

--obey the code of conduct
--pay the $5 Monthly Club Dues
--attend 3 club meetings

The Age range of DC Anime Club is 13 and up.

Click here for the registration form

About Club Dues
Club Dues are $5/month. They are used for the expenses and support of DC Anime Club. Members will receive the following benefits:

Members of DC Anime Club who pay club dues are automatically entered into the club raffle/trivia games. Prizes include, but are not limited to, Anime CDs, Anime DVDs, Posters, Wallscrolls, Plushies.

Anime Conventions
For members who attend Anime Conventions, club dues are used to pay for a portion of your pre-registration for local cons such as Katsucon and Anime USA. We always take advantage of the group pre-reg at cons. All new members who wish to take advantage of the special discounted anime convention registration by DCAC must pay $50 and must attend at least 3 Club meetings. (This only applies if new members wish to take advantage of the discounted anime convention registration.)

Free Tickets to Premiere Screenings
DC Anime Club offers free tickets to premiere screenings of the most anticipated movies of the year. Stay tuned for more information about our next Premiere Screening.

Discounts at Anime Stores
Members who pay club dues will be given a membership card, which entitles you to discounts at the following stores:

Collectors Anime LLC (10%)
(Note that Collectors Anime is an online store ONLY.)

Special offer to new members:
Pay $50 get 2 months free.


Members of DCAC are not paying for club meetings.

In order to pay club dues, members may write a check or money order (made out to "DC Anime Club") and send it to:

DC Anime Club
3013 O St SE
Washington, DC 20020

Club members can also pay using Paypal, on the front page of the Web site. Cash WILL BE accepted during club meetings. .

Veteran Club members who wish to claim member benefits must attend the club meeting before each advance movie screening, concert or convention.

All members are required to sign an attendance sheet. You cannot sign in for a fellow member.

If you do not pay club dues for 6 months, your membership account will be inactive. You can reactivate at any time, but you will have to pay the membership fee up to date in order to get member benefits. After 1 years of inactivity, your account will be deactivated. You will have to sign up as a new member, but you will have to pay the membership fee up to date in order to get member benefits.

Member who wish to pay their dues in advance may do so.

DC Anime Club is a 509(a)(1) not-for-profit organization. We welcome and appreciate all donations.